Company at a Glance

ACA Eduguru Evolution Ltd. is a limited company incorporated under The Companies Act, 1956." edu" in "Eduguru" refers to education; "Gu" refers to darkness or ignorance, while "Ru" symbolizes radiance dispelling darkness. we, at eduguru, believe that quality education can lead to quality human capital, thus contributing to better productivity and growth, and a progressive nation.

We are an integrated education consultancy catering exclusively to the education sector. Our core areas of working are Strategic Planning & Management, Operations, Online & Offline Marketing, Creative Brand Building Activities, Marketing Communication Strategies, HR Planning & Training, New Business Development, Research & Development, ERP for School and Colleges, PR Events & Management, and Franchising.

Our motto is, "Create Brand and Generate Values"

We have got a talented bunch of management graduates, business analysts, customer service representatives, sales and marketing professionals, graphic designers, IT professionals, and writers. Our Team is a melting pot of talent and experience, drawn from a variety of fields. Their valuable exposure of market operations helps them clearly understand the customer perspective thus enabling them to cater to their unique needs.

About Our CEO

Mr. Kamal Kishore Sanghai is a dynamic professional, with over 16 years of rich & extensive experience in strategy planning & management, operations, marketing, and new business development in the education sector. He is a thoughtful planner, a powerful strategist & a pragmatic implementer, with demonstrated abilities in managing operations, professional associates, organizing events, promoting creative brand building activities, franchising and boosting the business growth.

He possesses an in-depth knowledge of curricula designing, and has worked around the entire product range including brand, category and product mix. He has a comprehensive experience of co-ordinating with agencies for developing communication plans based on specific media objectives, and analyzing evaluations, to utilize in new media plans.