Franchising is simply a method for growing your business and distributing your goods and services via a licensing relationship.

With an experience of many years behind us, we are a trusted source to help you if you are an educational franchisor looking for strategic alliances offering a prescribed operating system, brand, and support to the franchisee.

Generally, the franchisor helps the franchisee with site selection and development support, operating manuals, training, quality control methods, brand standards, and business advisory support. We help franchisors locate the franchisees that are worth licensing the trade name and operating systems.

Franchisees must have the capability to live up to the brand standards, and ensure customer satisfaction, and to independently manage day to day operations of the businesses along with adhering to franchisor guidelines. The Franchise Fee and Royalty terms need to be understood by both the parties well before the contract is signed.

We help franchisors look for the right franchisee, and expand their business by means of creating a business model for your franchisee, and overseeing the proper implementation of marketing & operations part.

Hence, undoubtedly, a lot of homework goes before any franchise agreement is signed, and we help you understand the intricacies well so you can begin your franchise journey safely and land to your destination in a perfect state.

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